Course Format

Traditional education involves paperwork, time in lecture, expensive tuition costs, stressful tests, research, and sometimes meaningless activities to prove competency, all with inflexible deadlines you must conform to based on objectives of an institutional system.

How We Interact Matters uses a Micro-Learning model for helping you use our course information to your advantage. The goal is that you can learn a portion of each concept in as little as 2-5 minutes, available 24/7 through phone, tablet, or pc at your convenience, giving you control.

1. Overview – A summary of the concept.
2. Breakdown – An explanation of how the skill works.
3. Application – Examples of how to use it.

Meaning you know best how and what you feel, as well as your own personal experiences. This course is not intended to tell you how to live your life, it is meant to provide optional tools that help you overcome your roadblocks.

“I care about your success, which is why each time you take one of my courses, I ask that you apply just one of the tools that you find most valuable. After you have mastered that skill in your day to day life, then if you like feel free to apply more of them as you see fit. This training is about what works for you!

– Cody Rauh, Creator of How We Interact Matters