How To Use This Skill: RUAC will help you self assess where on the MRE model you are or if you have a gap in a skill somewhere. Each portion of RUAC is essential to eventual mastery of a skill.

The ability to memorize facts, numbers, concepts, etc is what helps people do well in academic environments. This does not mean you can articulate it to someone and they understand it, or that you yourself understand it.

The ability to understand the topic/concept in it’s complex form and then break it down into its most simplistic parts, and relay that information to another person clearly.

The ability to apply a learned concept as taught in a trained scenario to solve a problem or to improve the end result outcome of an event or issue.

The ability to apply a learned concept outside of it’s trained scenario in new situations to solve problems that may not be clearly solvable to others.

RUAC is an acronym used by the FAA and other organizations that was introduced to me in 2016 by a U.S. Army Black Hawk Standardization Instructor, and works in collaboration with the MRE model I have developed.

- Instructors Note

Rarely does life’s events go by the book, it is absolutely essential that you be able to apply lessons learned outside of their trained scenario, and adapt them for new challenges!