MRE Levels of Mastery

What is the MRE Model for Levels of Mastery?

The MRE Model for learning is a model developed to help you identify and self assess your fluency in the skills taught in this online course, and also the workshops provided if you have attended. 

The last step in proficiency is the ability to know when to use the skill learned, use it effectively with positive outcomes, and use it at the speed of the situation as it unfolds. Mastery is a level of understanding that comes from the regular application of the skill and is your responsibility.

Note: Mastery is 100% your responsibility, you must use the skill regularly in your daily life.

Represents the ability to apply the learned skill. You might not feel fluent in its use at this point, and you may have mixed levels of success with it at this level of competency. It is important to be patient with yourself during this time and to have realistic expectations that don’t include perfect results. Practice will be key and learning where and when the skill does and doesn’t work.

Note #1:  Refinement is 50% the instructors responsibility, providing you a skill application section to help you understand how to apply the knowledge you have learned. The other 50% is your responsibility, you must practice and use the skill.

Note #2: There is no such thing as the perfect move, skill, or technique.

This is what you are provided within this online course, and if you attended one of my workshops. It may have been explained differently or in greater or less depth.

Now it is time to dig in!

Note:  Exposure is 100% my responsibility as the instructor to provide you with the awareness of the skills, concepts, and techniques, which is why I have built these courses.

It is better you learn a few skills well that you can use, than try to learn everything all at once and not understand how to use any of it to your benefit.