HOW Approved for Federal WIOA Funding

HOW (How We Interact Matters) has received approval for Federal WIOA (Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act) funding through the Pikes Peak Workforce Center to provide conflict resolution and communication skills training to underskilled, disadvantaged, displaced and underemployed workers to assist them in improving their employment & economic status.

How We Interact Matters is proud to provide training that offers job training that helps give a competitive advantage to employees who’s life experiences may have not included skills for conflict resolution, communication, and healthy social interactions.

The planned launch dates for approved classes will be announced in updates to come!

HOW Is Now an Authorized Training Provider for BJA-NTTAC

In September of 2019 after review by the U.S. Department of Justice, HOW (How We Interact Matters) became an authorized provider of training to the BJA-NTTAC. How We Interact Matters is proud to be a trusted source of training for agencies of law enforcement seeking training in conflict resolution, negotiations, core values, healthy boundaries, and other skills that improve the outcomes for officers that interact with members of their community.

Alpha Testing

Currently the website is in Alpha Testing, and recently the following features were added:

– Course Surveys
– Course Catalog Categories

Courses are in development and those interested in assisting with testing should contact

Website Under Development

This website is currently being built and is not complete. If you would like to be considered for Alpha or Beta access to the website and it’s materials please contact