An Open Letter About Legacy

This year I started a goal to reach 30 million people by 2030. It is a goal based on the idea that safety comes from community not being the biggest guy in the room. Not just any community, a well trained and educated community that values the lives of each other over the desire to prove oneself right. I look at trends instead of headlines, and with a changing world I believe we must adapt our skillsets to succeed when faced with new challenges.

I belief life has the most meaning when a person is committed to leaving the world better than they found it. I consider my work developing online courses and producing educational content to be a portion of that legacy. A giving back to my community, a path forward to a better world, and a facilitation of all humankind towards greater empathy and kindness towards one another.

So before the end of the year I will be releasing three courses dedicated to addressing a pain point in my community. Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, and Domestic Violence all impact the individual, their families and their neighbors. As one of the wealthiest nations in the world it puzzles me that we still struggle with respecting the healthy boundaries and core values of each other, so much so that we would aggressively trespass against the safety and well being of another human.

As my call to action I hope you will join me in participation and in sharing the courses I am developing so that way the courses being developed can help reduce the barrier young women face in finding accessible safety education.



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