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When I started Defense Education back in 2015 after two years of curriculum development I saw the greatest improvement in the training that I offer when I started working with students and implementing their feedback. Community environment is essential, I know with your participation and help these courses have valuable information that could benefit millions of people.

I have been working on this online training site a couple years, and the Coronavirus has forced me to take the leap once again by closing my business during this lock down. 

I care about those I serve and I place a high value on their satisfaction with my work. No product is perfect, however, I have extremely high standards for myself and what I do. I place my customers front and center as my compass to know which direction I need to go to provide the best service possible.

Need Proof? Please visit my business google reviews @ Defense Education

I worked hard to get that rating and I will work even harder to make a great online training experience for you. Having the opportunity to provide you training would mean so much at a time things are so difficult for everyone.

Thank you so much in advance for viewing my site!

– Cody Rauh, Course Developer

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